Starup Operations Team

Laying a firm foundation is key to the continued working success of WLS with your warehouse operations team. By bringing in a team of our best employees from all regional operations, we are able to expertly train the new, permanent resident team to operate proficiently and exceed customer expectations. This month-long process allows us to utilize our experience in grocery freight-handling to lay a solid groundwork on which to build an ongoing successful relationship with our customers.


       > A team of our best professional employees from the start

       > Seamless transition into a working relationship with WLS

       > Full-time corporate presence providing oversight and support

           until a permanent resident team is established

       > Immediate increase in operational efficiencies



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Warehouse Labor Solutions understands the unique challenges of grocery freight-handling and the necessary measures that must be taken in order to ensure the highest degree of food integrity. With our focus on grocery freight-handling, we bring efficiency, expertise and dependability to each warehouse we operate across the country.


We are proud to build on our ten years of experience in providing solutions for grocery freight-handling and continually strive to maintain our 100% customer retention.