Laying a firm foundation is key to the continued working success of WLS with your warehouse operations team. By bringing in a team of our best employees from all regional operations, we are able to expertly train the new, permanent resident team to operate proficiently and exceed customer expectations. This month-long process allows us to utilize our experience in grocery freight-handling to lay a solid groundwork on which to build an ongoing successful relationship with our customers.

WLS Promises:

> A team of our best professional employees from the start
> Seamless transition into a working relationship with WLS
> Full-time corporate presence providing oversight and support until a permanent resident team is established
> Immediate increase in operational efficiencies



The highest level of grocery warehouse training is delivered to our professionals through this paramount certification which is completely unique to WLS. Employees are trained to monitor for mold, spoilage, broken seals and damaged product. They swiftly address sub-par deliveries from suppliers, keeping damaged product from entering the warehouse altogether, preventing further delays. Each team member is equipped to take all necessary precautions to prevent and detect unwanted pest and rodent intrusions which can  lead to a loss of product.

WLS Promises:

> Thousands of dollars saved through preventative measures
> Highest integrity of the product is maintained through constant monitoring
> Immediate resolution for inferior product deliveries



By providing suppliers and brokers with established pricing modules and arranging for direct invoicing and deposit agreements, we are able to decrease the unloading time and eliminate pricing confusion. We maintain open and clear lines of communication with suppliers and brokers so that any issues that may arise can be addressed directly without the unnecessary involvement of our customers.

WLS Promises:

> Free customer’s management from the responsibility of dealing with issues because they are eliminated when pricing structures are pre-established with customer suppliers and brokers
> Decreased dock time and avoidance of cost discrepancies by direct invoicing and deposit agreements.
> Competitive pricing with outside vendors thereby providing the justifications for our customers to negotiate lower unloading allowances

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Warehouse Labor Solutions understands the unique challenges of grocery freight-handling and the necessary measures that must be taken in order to ensure the highest degree of food integrity. With our focus on grocery freight-handling, we bring efficiency, expertise and dependability to each warehouse we operate across the country.


We are proud to build on our ten years of experience in providing solutions for grocery freight-handling and continually strive to maintain our 100% customer retention.