Inbound Receiving and Freight-Handling: Facilitation of inbound communications to bring in, unload and organize all shipments.
Cross-docking: Strategically planning and moving pallets for freight diverts.
Pallet Management: Organizing, segregating and consolidating pallets.
Return Processing: Selecting and loading any necessary product for return.
Electronic Reporting: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to report and catalog receipts of shipments.
Quality Inspection: Inspecting all product to ensure the highest quality, meeting even the most detailed customer guidelines.
Labeling: Appropriate labeling to insure the integrity of the product and effective turn-around.
Janitorial: Maintaining the receiving area.
Recycling: Handling all trash and recyclables by sorting, consolidating and loading shipments to achieve the highest possible return.
Assembly: Configuring units quickly and effectively, utilizing power tools when possible.
Special Projects: Readiness to complete any odd job.

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Warehouse Labor Solutions understands the unique challenges of grocery freight-handling and the necessary measures that must be taken in order to ensure the highest degree of food integrity. With our focus on grocery freight-handling, we bring efficiency, expertise and dependability to each warehouse we operate across the country.


We are proud to build on our ten years of experience in providing solutions for grocery freight-handling and continually strive to maintain our 100% customer retention.